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Cornish Pilot Gig's On The Beach

Cornish Pilot Gig's On The Beach

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*Printed locally and framed in Salcombe!

 Embark on a visual journey with this framed print capturing the thrilling anticipation of the Cornish pilot gigs at rest on the beach during the Scillies World Pilot Gig Championships. Shot from above, this photograph provides a unique perspective, offering a bird's-eye view of these iconic boats poised on the sandy shores, ready for the exhilarating competition ahead.

The composition reveals a harmonious balance between the colourful pilot gigs, each patiently awaiting their turn in the world-renowned championship. The contrast of the vibrant boats against the golden sands creates a striking visual tapestry, while the aerial perspective captures the meticulous arrangement and order, hinting at the excitement and camaraderie that define this prestigious event.

Printed on high-quality archival paper, the print faithfully reproduces the vivid colours of the scene, from the painted hulls of the gigs to the natural beauty of the coastal surroundings. The carefully chosen frame adds a touch of sophistication, ensuring that this piece becomes a statement artwork in any space.

This framed print not only captures the essence of the Scillies World Pilot Gig Championships but also serves as a testament to the rich maritime heritage and spirited competition of Cornish pilot gigs. It's a visual celebration of tradition, skill, and the vibrant community that gathers on the shores of the Scilly Isles for this exhilarating event. Display it proudly, and let the dynamic energy of the scene bring the spirit of the championships into your space.

Please allow 7-10 working days for delivery.

Also available in black and white or with a mount upon request!

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