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Salcombe Stories

Merlin Rockets in Salcombe Harbour 1

Merlin Rockets in Salcombe Harbour 1

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*Printed locally and framed in Salcombe!

Sailing Symphony in Salcombe Harbour! This captivating aerial shot showcases a harmonious dance of Merlin Rockets gracefully navigating the waters of Salcombe Harbour, amidst a vibrant tapestry of sailing boats, ribs, and yachts.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of this bustling maritime scene, where the timeless beauty of sail meets the modern thrill of high-performance boats. Let the colours, lines, and sheer excitement captured in this photograph transport you to the heart of Salcombe's sailing paradise, where a symphony of vessels come together in a celebration of coastal adventure and nautical camaraderie.

Please allow 7-10 working days for printing and delivery.

Also available in black and white or with a mount upon request!

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